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Anime Review: "Farewell, My Dear Cramer"

TL;DR - Fantastic manga, with great story, fun characters, and typical sports plot is horridly undermined by flat art, and really bad animation quality making for an ultimately disappointing adapation. Recommendation: Skip the anime, BUY the manga.  Full Review: There are basically three ways you can get a bad anime. 1) The source material isn't any good to begin with, so you get a bad series when it's adapted. These are rare, but when they happen, the can produce some serious stinkers. 2) The source material is a masterpiece, but when they adapt it, they cut out far too many elements, making an original story, butchering what made the original great, and thus utterly gutting the series. This is the kind of anime that truly disappoints people the most - see "The Promised Neverland" season 2.   3) The source material is great, and they remain faithful to it, but something went wrong on the way from the manga to the screen and as a result the art and animation turns out

Anime Review: "Horimiya"

  TL;DR 10/10 Romance with Comedy and Slice of Life elements to compliment the central character development. Fantastic voice acting, great animation, and an excellent OST. Only complaint is that there wasn't more of it; would have been nice to have 2-cours with more of the random slice of life stuff shown in the manga. You'll love this if you need a break from over the top RomCom's with too many rediculous tropes. This anime might not be for you if you're easily bored. Horimiya  Extended Spoiler Heavy Review For my first review on this site, I wanted to cover something that's not only recent, since the majority of these will not be coming out in any timely manner whatsoever, but also something that I genuinely loved, and was excited for for years. Horimiya . This series, which premiered in winter 2021, is an adaptation of the manga of the same name with story by HERO and art by Hagiwara Daisuke. The manga has been going for almost a decade, concluding in the the fi