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AniManga Review: [Oshi no Ko] - (Prologue) // Spoiler Free

Where Do I Even Start...  The age of Hoshino Ai has begun. THE MANGA I'll start with my manga reviw of [Oshi no Ko] book 1. I'd been putting off reviewing this tome (it's pretty thick for the single volume format). I'm not completely sure why I haven't written a review sooner. Part of it's simply procrastination; life has been keeping me busy with lots of other stuff to review and play, but part of its because this is a book that's DAMN hard to say anything about (without ruining it for the person reading the review). Like... you just gotta read it. It's fucking incredible. But, now I'm timing it, very precisely (by accident) with the release of the NINETY minute premier episode of the series which encompasses the entirety of the volume 1 prologue. If you're on the fence about investing a mere thirteen dollars on one of the most compelling pieces of fiction ever, than I suppose you could watch the first episode and decide afterwards.  I guess it