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Fall 2023 Anime Watchlist - The Season that Had Too Much

There's Too Much Anime Next Season Where the hell do they expect me to find time for all this????? There's 36 shows airing next season that I want watch!! WTF???? That's more than 5 shows a day I'm going to have to plan all my time around. And this is during the time of peak holiday retail??? I'm going to be so damn busy.  Bruh... anyways... MY TOP 4 -------- The Apothecary Diaries This series reminds me so much of the TV series HOUSE, M.D. that It hooked me instantly. When you add in a smart gremlin-like girl, and pack it all into ancient China; this is a uniquely intriguing series that can keep everyone enthralled. I reread the manga from start to finish about every 2 weeks these days, because each time I crack it open I find a new page I love. Watch this, then go out and buy them books!! FRIEREN: Beyond Journey's End What's to say about Frieren? You're going to cry. A lot. Especially during the first episode. Go give your loved ones a hug, because the

Manga Review: "I Don't Know Which Is Love" vol.1

I don't know if this is the only harem yuri series that exists... but it's the only one I think I've ever read. I'm a sucker for cute romance series. So, when I saw that we were getting a light-hearted new yuri series from Yen Press I decided I had to pick it up. I'd say I'm a pretty big fan of the harem romcom genre to be honest, since I grew up on a steady diet of Tenchi Muyou and the like. So, the idea of a yuri harem series intrigued me. I did a quick google search for "yuri harem manga" and couldn't really find much - certainly nothing on my shelves. So, this would be a first for me. The plot for this one: In high school, Mei was in love with a girl who left her when she found a boyfriend, now in college, Mei is determined to get a girlfriend. I'd say the struggle in this is going to be making JUST ONE girl happy, because from her first day of school Mei already has a sea of admirers, each of whom falls for a differnet aspect of Mei based