Fall 2023 Anime Watchlist - The Season that Had Too Much

There's Too Much Anime Next Season

Where the hell do they expect me to find time for all this????? There's 36 shows airing next season that I want watch!! WTF???? That's more than 5 shows a day I'm going to have to plan all my time around. And this is during the time of peak holiday retail??? I'm going to be so damn busy. 





The Apothecary Diaries

This series reminds me so much of the TV series HOUSE, M.D. that It hooked me instantly. When you add in a smart gremlin-like girl, and pack it all into ancient China; this is a uniquely intriguing series that can keep everyone enthralled. I reread the manga from start to finish about every 2 weeks these days, because each time I crack it open I find a new page I love. Watch this, then go out and buy them books!!

FRIEREN: Beyond Journey's End

What's to say about Frieren? You're going to cry. A lot. Especially during the first episode. Go give your loved ones a hug, because they're not going to be there forever - that is what this show has to tell you. After the premier though, I'm looking forward to seeing Frieren and Fern on their adventures and Frieren being generally a goofball. The soundtrack for this show will be an insta-buy if I can find a CD for it, because it's done by the same genius that did Violet Evergarden. 

The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You

We're getting part 1 of, what I hope to be, many, many parts of The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You, this fall. This series is PURE Parody - think Gintama, but for the Harem/Rom-com genre. I adore this manga; it was one of my favorites from last year when it made it's English debut. From the poster art though, it looks like we're only going to get 12 episodes at best, and probably only see maybe his first handfull of gals (he's over 40+ in the manga at this point i think on the JP side...). Go give this series a watch, support the release, and then hopefully, maybe we'll get to see the rest animated.

Shangri-La Fronteir

Shangri-La Frontier is Sword Art Online without all the Edginess and the Sexual Assault. The series is entirely players in a game, playing the game. This is Bofuri without the Parody. It's just straight up, super high adrenaline action, with a vast and interesting world, and fun characters to boot. There's no "if you die in the game, you die IRL" plot to this, but somehow I felt like the stakes were even higher than SAO or the like, because when the players risk they're items, or the NPC's risk their lives, there's no coming back for them - and the idea that one of the lovable NPC's in Shangri-La Frontier might bite the dust is WAY more believable to me than Kirito or Asuna actually dying in SAO. I will be counting the days till I get to see that Weathermoon fight scene. 

Beyond my top 4 though, there's a whole basket of new series I'm excited to watch listed below here in no particular order.



Under Ninja

I Fell In Love with the Villainess

Girl and Her Guard Dog

You Were Experience, I wasn't

Boushoku No Berserk

Lamentations of a Shut in Vampire Princess

I'm Giving the Disgraced Noble Lady I Rescued a Crash Course in Naughtiness

The Kingdoms of Ruin

Ragna Crimson

Undead Unluck

Tearmoon Empire

Hoshikuzu Telepath

To eat the Pig Liver



MF Ghost

Migi to Dali

Yuzuki-chan no Yon Kyoudai

Rainy Day Protocol

But, what's really bad about next season is this.... 

Look at all these damn seqels and continuations. Holy crap. There's over a dozen of them. And all of them are bangers. I'm super excited for these and will most likely be watching them weekly. Gotta stay current.





Eminence in Shadow part 2

Spy Family s2

Goblin Slayer s2

Dr Stone S2 part 2

Faraway Paladin s2

Dead Mount Deathplay part 2

Helck p2

Tokyo Revengers

Kanojo Mo Kanojo s2

Sain't Magic Power is Omnipotent s2

Ancient Magus Bride S2 p2

Hit me up on twitter with your thoughts and which shows you're most excited for this fall!!

If you'd like to peep the livechart to see when these series air, and check out the full list of all the shows, including the ones I left out (*cough* rise of the lame hero *cough*) click the link that's highlighted here.

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