Manga Review: "I Don't Know Which Is Love" vol.1

I don't know if this is the only harem yuri series that exists...

but it's the only one I think I've ever read.

I'm a sucker for cute romance series. So, when I saw that we were getting a light-hearted new yuri series from Yen Press I decided I had to pick it up. I'd say I'm a pretty big fan of the harem romcom genre to be honest, since I grew up on a steady diet of Tenchi Muyou and the like. So, the idea of a yuri harem series intrigued me. I did a quick google search for "yuri harem manga" and couldn't really find much - certainly nothing on my shelves. So, this would be a first for me.

The plot for this one: In high school, Mei was in love with a girl who left her when she found a boyfriend, now in college, Mei is determined to get a girlfriend. I'd say the struggle in this is going to be making JUST ONE girl happy, because from her first day of school Mei already has a sea of admirers, each of whom falls for a differnet aspect of Mei based on the five senses.


Riri Shirosawa, a fellow freshman, who's also a pin-up idol, but is very shy, and doesn't like being surrounded by men. She's soft, and squishy, and loves holding Mei's hands. 

Next up:

Maria Todomeki - she's a teacher in the psychology department who becomes Mei's advisor. She's great at reading body langauage, and especially likes looking at all of Mei's different adorable reactions to things. She's got that mommy-energy too, which Mei might be a bit into.

Then we've got:

Minato - she's a bit boyish and works in the cafe (reminds me a lof of Kashima a.k.a. "The Prince" from Nozaki-kun) She's a couple years older and Mei's senpai. She's an audio tech for the drama club - and she's really into sound; bordering on ASMR fetishist. She falls for Mei's voice


Karin Ajima, also of the drama department! She's an actress, but only as a hobby. She's also really into taste: especially the taste of girls lips - she's very, very kissy and aggressive. How in the world is Mei going to fend off her advances?? 


There's Kaoru - who's got a very good nose. She's going to be Mei's roommate in the dorms. She hates the smell of fabric softener, but loves the smell of Me (I can't believe I just wrote that sentece). She's a bit silly, but also smart; strict, but fair. Seems like a really nice senpai to have around.

And thus the stage is set for an epic battle for Mei's heart.

I was delighted by volume 1 of this series. I went in knowing nothing about it other than yur+harem, but what I got out of it far exceeded my expectations. All the characters are fun, and the art is really great. Mei's blushing, normy-in-distress vibe is a perfect compliment to each of the over the top characters gunning for her heart. 10/10 for a volume 1. I'll be eagerly awainting volume 2! Looking forward to reading more from Tamamushi Oku! You can give them a follow on twitter @tama_64.

"I Don't Know Which Is Love" is published by Yen Press and comes out on August 22nd! (probably in your local book store already!!)
Retail price is $13.00
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