AniManga Review: [Oshi no Ko] - (Prologue) // Spoiler Free

Where Do I Even Start...

 The age of Hoshino Ai has begun.


I'll start with my manga reviw of [Oshi no Ko] book 1. I'd been putting off reviewing this tome (it's pretty thick for the single volume format). I'm not completely sure why I haven't written a review sooner. Part of it's simply procrastination; life has been keeping me busy with lots of other stuff to review and play, but part of its because this is a book that's DAMN hard to say anything about (without ruining it for the person reading the review). Like... you just gotta read it. It's fucking incredible.

But, now I'm timing it, very precisely (by accident) with the release of the NINETY minute premier episode of the series which encompasses the entirety of the volume 1 prologue. If you're on the fence about investing a mere thirteen dollars on one of the most compelling pieces of fiction ever, than I suppose you could watch the first episode and decide afterwards. 

I guess it all worked out, timing-wise. 

If you're coming here, having just seen the anime's mind-blowing premier. Cool. you know what's up. Go buy the book, cus I imagine it'll probably sell out everywhere. You understand how rediculous this series is and that the manga is going to be SCARCE. Hopefully Yen Press is ready for a second/third printing. For the record, my local B&N had sold out of this series before it even officially released; since then I've never seeen it stocked longer than a day. The popularity is real.

And, with good reason. For me, this prologue, (in both manga, and anime form) is an EASY ‘Spinal Tap’ 11 (cus they cranked it all the way up).

6 out 5. 

7 Stars.


The standard metric for measuring quality doesn’t exist for this prologue because it is so beyond standard. The expression, "there's nothing new under the sun," even has exceptions. This. This is new. 

I could be jaded. Or... maybe I'm just tipsy.

Who knows what’ll happen after this first book, I’ve not read into the future, the digital publication, or the JP volumes. Though, after this one, I might. Because my need to remain unsoiled by spoilers is great. All of the officially translated chapters are available on Manga+ through the official app. The idea though of reading it on a cell-phone is kinda appalling. I don't want to ruin the experience for myself.

 But, I might have to weigh it against being spoiled. The struggle is real.

Now, all this said, the book is definitely for a mature audience, and it has lots of of adult themes. If you're not a little kid, get on this.

Compelling story-telling from the author of 'Kaguya-sama: Love is War'. Aka Akasaka is here as a writer.

Fantastic art, from the mangaka of, among other things, "Scum's Wish", which had a fairly distinct, almost gentle style to it which contrasted heavily with its conent. "Scum's Wish", and many of Mengo Yokoyari's other works, are VERY adult, with lots of sexual themes. [Oshi No Ko] is tame by comparison.

In summary, it is a manga with a pedigree. I might be out of line, but I could see this series, written together cooperatively by two famous, renowned creators, becoming more famous than any of the previous works they were known for individually. But, maybe that's getting ahead of ourselves. We'll just have to see if it holds up. This is a profoundly good start.

Then again, it's entirely possible it will all be downhill from here. Funny how things work.

Just read it (or, watch it... as mentioned earlier, the first episode is out now officially, and available for streaming on Hidive). Guarantee you’ve never, ever read/watch anything like this before. And, after you finish the prologue you’ll definitely know if this series is going to be one you commit to or not. I think it's a very good thing that by the end of this, you'll definitely know either way. There’s so many twists and turns in this story, and so many unique aspects to it, it’s hard to describe any part of it or you risk spoiling it, but I'll elaborate more after a jump.

Just. Do yourself a favor. Buy volume 1. Maybe, afterwards, you’ll light it on fire; but, chances are much more likely you’ll discover a new obsession.


In terms of adaptations. This is perfection.

Like... GREATEST OF ALL TIME... type perfection.

At the time of writing this 'review' which is more just like me gushing about how this series is amazeballs and anyone with a brain would be an absolute idiot not to experience it, this series is rated as the best anime of all time on MAL.

This, of course, will change. For one thing, I don't know if the future episodes could possibly maintain the momentum that the prologue has given it. Another reason is because fans of 'Full Metal Alchemist' are absolute bastards that love to downvote anything that gets even remotely close to the #1 spot. Would be great to see them all banned from the internet for life for violating the very principles that their favorite series espoused, but sadly, we're left with a largely imperefect system that's entirely free of the laws of equivalent exchange (you provide an honest review, MAL collects them all and gives us an average).

So, like Fruits Basket, Gintama, Kaguya-sama, and many others, [Oshi NO Ko]'s rank on MyAnimeList will fall, but, who the fuck cares (sorry, I guess I care a little bit... or maybe I've just had too much plum wine).

IN THE VERY NEAR FUTURE... there will be a LINK right here. It will take you to a very, very spoiler filled discussion of the prologue, and very specifically will spoil. Everything. Don't click this link. Until you're ready, and we're all on the same page.

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