Manga Review: "Run Away With Me Girl" vol. 1

The Cover was Beautiful until I realized it reminded me of Midsommar

When I started to think "I really wanted to YEET Midori's Fiance into the sun." I realized that this series was going to be one I couldn't drop.

I bought this book on a whim when I was on a Yuri reading kick not really knowing how dark the plot is. TW: there’s some very serious and disturbing content. The plot centers around two high school more-than-friends reuniting after many years. When they were in school, they ‘played’ at being girlfriends, but for one of them, Maki, the relationship ended up leaving an everlasting impression. For her, their reunion means a LOT. The other woman, Midori, is now in a very serious relationship with a man, but the relationship is so TOXIC it might as well be radioactive. I found the first volume to be a good hook for me, but half of me is reading just to make sure that I see the horrible relationship Midori’s in come to an end. I suppose it comes off as kind of a footnote, but I want to add that I adore the art in this book, especially with the way Battan is able to shift from SPARKLES to glooooooom. Strong recommend as long as you’re able to stomach the sensitive material.


This manga is published by Kodansha.

Buy it here (currently, I get nothing out of this, just think you should read the damn book lol)

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