Anime Review: "Raising 80K Gold..."

This show was my 80,000th Reason Why

On a conceptual level I think this brought enough new ideas to the isekai genre that it was worth watching just for the freshness. Being able to come and go between this world and a fantasy world + having a character predominantly motivated by money + the mc’s super power is a glock = a formula for a good time; sadly the execution here wasn’t great, with some episodes having borderline awful animation. The story had enough bad plot/story developments that it sadly outweighed whatever positive base the premise had going for it. And the worst offender is this series REPEATS. REPEATS EVERYTHING. The MC makes friends with not ONE, but THREE different little girls. The villains in this are almost ALWAYS some random, annoying, greedy old man (literally every single villain except for the monsters is a fucking ugly bastard). I lost count, but I feel like there was at least 5 of them....  thankfully this was a pg-13 mainstream series and not an H title, cus, damn. Ugly bastards everywhere.

I didn't mention this in my MAL review, but the main character is also an insufferable dolt. Like, WTF are you even thinking????? I suppose there's a reason she failed her entrance exams and couldn't get into college in the first place. The real moment this threw me was when she goes out on a quest with a bunch of professional adventurers. Before going to bed she tells them she's off to bathe, then pops out in a bikini... like what in the actual fuck are you thinking girl? You KNOW this isn't gonna fly in his medieval society! Why? just... ugh... use thy brain, please.

I just got so tired of watching the same plot play out over and over that ultimately this series bored the pants off me.

This dreadful anime barely earns a 2... 

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