Anime Review: "Attack on Titan" the final, no this time we promise, almost, ok, next to last part

This was a great adaptation of the source material. No complaints. Very faithful. 

The only problem I've got comes down to figuring out which season of Attack on Titan this is, but sadly, it's gotten fairly complicated, transcending the very nature of seasonal anime. So I'll break it down into parts.

I had to open up all the MAL tabs for each of the different AoT entries to see which "Part" this actually is, given how complicated it is, but I'll omit any side-story entries for sake of my own personal sanity.

Shingeki no Kyojin - Season 1 would of course be part 1, but with it being seperated into 2 cours, would we also count this as part 1 and 2?? I'm going to say that s1 was actually p.1 & p.2 because of the two-cour nature.


Season 2 was just a single cour, so no confusion there. Let's call this p.3.

Season 3, was actually 22 episodes long, and broken up into two parts as well, despite MAL listing it with only 12 episodes. So let's call that p.4 & p.5

Now, onto "The Final Season" (which of course we know isn't actually the final season at all). At this point MAPPA took over, so I suppose it's understandable that there'd be differences in how things get numbered.

The final season, which is actually "The Final Season part 1 of 4" is actually p.6 and consists of 16 episodes

The final season part 2, which was 12 episodes, is p.7.

Now, this entry, which is the penultimate in the series, as far as we know, is Part 8. Of 9 total (as of this moment).

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