Anime Review: "Don't Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro" Season #2


Season 2 improved the Nagatoro formula in a big way IMO. Senpai grew a spine and became much less of a wimp. Nagatoro’s bullying got more flirty and endearing. As a whole, Season 2 was really, really cute.

As far as the things I think make up an anime adaptation:

Voice acting was still just as on point as it was in season 1, with the addition of a new member to the cast in Sayumi Suzushiro, who was also excellent. I think they actually improved the music too for this season. I ended up downloading the OP for a mix tape. The animation was also just as good as season 1, with amplified wiggle-taro.

Now, why do I rate this season higher than season 1? I think for me it mostly comes down to the stories in this arc. They’re much, much more fun than the stuff that happens in season 1. When there’s teasing, its way more playful and flirty and less mean/bullying. I think maybe season 2 is really where the author got into their groove with plotting, jokes, etc. The payoffs are really great too – for me the ‘caught a cold’ episodes were fantastic.

The episodes in season 2 also really accelerate bringing out the best in all of the characters. Both senpai and Nagatoro receive a good amount of character development. I especially liked the whole training arc because we get to see both of them getting serious about improving themselves in their own respective ways.

If and when they make a season 3 I’ll definitely be there for that.

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