Anime Movie Review: "Isekai Quartet: The Movie"

 This film was terrible.

It took everything I loved about the two seasons of Isekai Quartet and tossed them out the window in favor of creating a very serious story almost completely devoid of jokes or humor with a couple movie-original characters that we're now meant to care about for some reason.

Sorry to the Megumin-golem girl, but we came to see the original cast in new, whacky situations created from them being all mixed up together, not to see your relationship struggles with Vera.

Very, sorry to say you're defintely the least likeable part of this movie. Maybe you would have been fun if we'd gotten to know you better first in the Tanya the Evil series. Like... if you were that wild Zelot Mary. We could have done without her in Tanya. I'd have taken you over her any day of the week... but, sadly, you're new to this universe, and after this film you'll be forgotten about as just another random girl who's had her panties stolen by Kazuma.

The only reason this movie doesn't get a 1/10 from me is for two gags which got a genuine chuckle out of me, both featuring Ainz doing rediculous things.

I actually had pretty high hopes for this after the intro scene in the classroom where Ainz is examining the cat from Konosuba, which was kinda a nod to stuff that happens in the Konosuba novels, and hasn't been adapted yet in the anime - was thinking, "Oh man!! Are we going to get Konosuba plot stuff that ties into the next season???" but no, nothin.

This was a movie I was really glad I waited to see when it showed up on Crunchyroll and didn't go to see in theaters. 

I suppose they can't all be winners.

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